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Welcome to SEO for WordPress! Even better, WordPress has innate characteristics that search engines love such as simple navigation, SEO friendly URL -naming conventions, easy publishing, and many more. With the tools in ebook wordpress 3 search engine optimization, you can take your WordPress blog or site to the next level. Whether you want to increase the reach and broadcasting power of your blog, or edge out the competition in search results for your small business, you’ll find the tools and the guidance to do so within these pages.

Ebook wordpress 3 search engine optimization

Ebook wordpress 3 search engine optimization

Content Ebook wordpress 3 search engine optimization

Chapter 1: Getting Started: SEO Basics

Chapter 2: Customizing WordPress Settings for SEO

Chapter 3: Researching and Working with Keywords

Chapter 4: Understanding Technical Optimization

Chapter 5: Creating Optimized and Engaging Content

Chapter 6: Link Building

Chapter 7: Using Social Media

Chapter 8: Avoiding the Black Hat Techniques

Chapter 9: Avoiding SEO Mistakes

Chapter 10: Testing Your Site and Monitoring Your Progres

Appendix A: WordPress SEO Plugins

Appendix B: Other SEO Resources


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